Brokers Welcome


Élan Homes welcomes broker participation and recognizes the value agents provide to their clients and our prospective homeowners. We offer licensed Florida real estate brokers the opportunity to earn a commission on every sale and we make it fast and easy to register your buyer. Based on a passion for an elevated contemporary experience, Élan Builders is proud to support our community and real estate professionals.

Please complete the form below to register your clients, or give us a call at 321-241-6508 and we will happily take your information over the phone.

Co-Brokerage Registration

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  • Registrations other than in person must be done prior to your buyer visiting us. Broker will not be entitled to compensation if the buyer has visited the community with the broker prior to the date of registration. If your buyer is accompanied by another real estate professional, we will accept only the “in person” registration. Registrations will be honored for 180 days from the buyers first visit to our office or model home. Commissions will be paid to the procuring broker with a current registration upon closing and funding. Commissions are based on 3% of the purchase price of the home (excluding lot and allowances for pools) at the time of contract signing. The commission shall be “earned” at the closing and shall be paid directly to the broker.

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  • NOTE: This Co Brokerage Registration expires 180 days after the date of execution
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